Our Leadership


Richard Coberly

Richard Coberly has been in leadership positions all of his life, beginning with his sports career as team captain in Football, basketball, baseball and soccer. In high school he was a peer counselor, moving on to counseling fellow college students in financial obligations. He graduated with distinction from Sonoma State University (1992) with a degree in Sociology and a nomination for commencement speaker.

After graduation, he was recruited by Hanna Boys Center in Sonoma County (a residential treatment facility for 107 at risk youth), to work with boys ranging from 8-18 years old. During Coberly’s tenure as a licensed childcare supervisor of the O’Connor House, (the most prestigious group home on campus), the young men under his charge have excelled as individuals with a 100% high school graduation rate and 70% going off to college upon graduation. For the last five years consecutively Coberly’s boys in the O’Connor House have received the Boy of the Year Award, Athlete of the Year, Most Valuable Player of the Year, numerous other awards and over 50% maintain a GPA of 3.5 or better.

Coberly naturally moved on to become a life coach, focusing on men in transition and crisis. Dogged by his frustation with the way men are being portrayed and perceived in the media, family and relationship domains, he has felt a need to found the 21st Century Man Organization. Coberly’s passion continues to be assisting men in finding their authentic self, re-defining who they wish to be and how they are going to get there, offering men a forum of discovery, identification and discussion.

In his quest to affect change, he sees the need for men to band together and redesign what it means to be a man in the 21st century. Coberly’s vision offers not only individual development, but also networking the power of the community to affect change on the larger scale of societal issues that affect all of our daily lives.

Jon Shoemaker


Jon Shoemaker started at a young age learning how to deal with big responsibilities. The responsibilities of running a business with my father, which taught me how to deal with all kinds of people in all kinds of situations.

Later on in my late teens I was in charge of the business and running a crew of men, being the boss of men when you’re still a kid is a daunting task but it taught me leadership, focus and made me who I am today. Since then I’ve gone on to join the Pile drivers union which entails the building of large structures and heavy construction. My latest big project, the San Rafael Bridge Retrofit,  I have had the responsibility of enormous equipment and many men and young apprentices whose safety and line of progression was in my hands.

With all of that said I still had to deal with multiple personalities and sometimes just plain outrageous behavior.  I’ve had through the years been raising two daughters, juggling split households, Teenager hood and of course every day life like everyone else. The thing that has grasped my attention through all of this and working with men of all ages, colors and such is noticing each ones needs and wants to just get them through the day.

Some do it easier than others but the ones that have driven me to the realization of the great need of the 21st Century Man in today’s world is the young men, not boys and not quite full-grown men. Their respect for others {or lack there of }, their indecisiveness with important decisions, their immaturity and most important the lack of self-worth or lack of their true core within themselves.

I don’t have multiple college degrees in anything but simple life experiences, my 20 + years of working hand in hand with some of the toughest and hardest men around have made me realize that anyone who has trouble staying with their core self or who has trouble with changing gears when needed, needs the most guidance.

I am here to share my experiences and knowledge of setting men into motion to help get men back on track with themselves, in touch with their true identity and staying the course of the 21st Century Man, the way we should be, and for not just man but mankind. The need is obvious and I’m here with my colleagues to provide some simple boost man can get into the most needed and most powerful self-confident and positive way of thinking, that of a 21st Century Man.